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SESP Program Supports

SESPP Program Provider Supports and Training


Feel free to reach out to us any time with questions related to the rights and responsibilities of the SESP, if you are uncertain as to whether or not to make a referral, or with changes in a specific student’s status that may affect eligibility. Click here for staff contact info, or contact our office at:

Special Education Surrogate Parent Program





The SESP Program is happy to provide training on the program, student eligibility, the rights and responsibilities of the SESP, and the referral process to any interested agency or group.

We can also connect you with our support center, the Recruitment, Training and Support Center (RTSC) for Special Education Surrogate Parents at the Federation for Children with Special Needs for volunteer orientation trainings (group and individual), as well as general trainings around the IEP process, trauma-sensitive educational practices, etc.